How to Motivate the Unmotivated …

When you are trying to motivate your teammates, and it seems like it is pulling teeth for them to even show up to a meeting on time, you’ve got to choose the right attitude. Leadership can be hard, and it starts with how you lead and what you to boost the motivation of your team. Below, we’ve got some of the best tips to not only boost but to sustain the level of motivation on your teams.

1. Focus in on the rewards

There are tons of different incentives and rewards out there and if your team does not know about them, it I time to educate them. Refocusing their energy into something that they can control and something that they can achieve is an excellent way to boost up the motivation of any team.

2. Build relationships

In this day and age, with how much technology we have in the world, it’s hard to connect with teams and hard to build up those relationships. This is critical and will unmotivate a team, and it will make you not great leader. Learn about your team, understand their needs and talk to them. They will respect and appreciate you more.

3. Train and develop your folks

Your team is looking for leadership and part of leadership is making sure that your team is trained and prepared. If your team does not have the right tools to do their job, you as a leader should be looking into that.

As you can see, there a lot of different ways that you can motivate your team, and it does not take much effort or time.

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