How to Manage Someone Incredibly Creative …

Creative people are amazing. They are people that we need to have in our workplace. However, they are also tough to manage. You never want to stifle their creativity. However, they can be so creative that they can get carried away with things that are not their actual jobs. Below, I’ve got to some tips and tricks to help you manage these individuals without crushing their hopes and dreams.

1. Build Bridges

The first is to establish bridges with them, give them an outlet for their creativity and let it sing. You can not put them in a box, and you need to let them soar up and out. You also have to make sure that they are mindful to their actual job too, though, that they are getting their work done.

2. Challenge Them

Next, you’ve got to keep them challenged. This includes making sure that they understand that if their current job is not challenging them enough, they might not be in the right place. Challenging someone that is creative can be a challenge so make sure that you keep a team engaged and their leader.

3. Assign Them Tasks

Finally, what helps with keeping them challenged is for you to look at problems and identify a solution that only the creative people could execute. This will contribute to challenge them and will also allow you to be freed up a little bit.

Now that you can see how to manage someone that is very creative, what are some of the other ways? Leave it in the comments.

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