Core Reasons People Are Not Facing Reality Anymore

Resisting change is something that a lot of people have a difficult time with. Change is constantly going to happen; it is going to be something that always happens. You either have to adapt, or you have to get off the train. That’s the problem with change, adapt, or you will end up losing in the end. If you are one of the people that are not facing reality, these could be some of the reasons below, and this might change your mind a little bit.

1. The thought process of: ‘it’s no big deal.’

This is one of the most dangerous thought processes out there. You start by thinking that it isn’t all that bad, no matter how unhappy you are. You start to think that there are some good moments and experiences are worth it, but truthfully, you are damaging yourself as an employee more. Face reality and understand that you are not facing reality and the fact that you are miserable.

2. The attitude of: ‘why do I have to be the one to change?’

Ah, this one seems to come up a lot. It has been heard from thousands of professionals in horrible work environments; they think why do they have to be the ones that change? Why do they have to be the ones that conform? The problem with this mindset is that when you are in an experience or a job that you don’t like, it is all about you. You are probably the problem, and your mindset probably is not that great. You’ve got to find the motivation to change and be the one that does it.

3. Those thoughts of: ‘I don’t deserve this.’

Finally, the ‘I don’t deserve this type of treatment’ is another dangerous process of reflection. This is a toxic way of thinking because truth is told, most of the time the employee is the problem, they decide that they have a sense of worth that is so high they become entitled. Are you like this? Stop it!

Now, are you ready to stop these thought processes? They are toxic and can stunt your growth in a company.

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